Sending the children back to school in 2020 has been a little trickier than in previous years.

As well as the usual decisions of which backpack, pencil case and lunchbox to buy – sanitising and safety items have made the shopping list.

A survey conducted by PayPal of 1,200 US parents has revealed that over 80% of parents are planning to spend more on safety supplies for school than last year, with 73% saying disinfecting wipes are on their back to school shopping list.*

A recent Sani Hands consumer survey revealed that parents view them as a back to school staple. Sani Hands are proven to be the most effective and hygienic alternative to soap and water. They kill 99.99% of bacteria, so are tough on germs with added moisturisers to make them gentle on little hands.


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The handy pocket-sized packs are ideally sized to slip into the school bag, trouser pocket or lunchbox. The wipes are ideal to clean little hands on the school bus, after play or in the canteen before eating lunch.

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