The British Psychological Society has published guidance for the public on how to make hand cleaning a habit, and an effective behavioural approach to effectively reduce Covid-19 cases.

Lucie Byrne-Davis, chair elect of the BPS Division of Health Psychology who worked on the guidance, said:

“Effective hand cleaning is one of the most important defences we have against the spread of Coronavirus, and as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, it has never been more important.

What we want is for hand cleaning to become second-nature to people and there are some simple ways people can do this, including being prepared, making a commitment and learning how and when to clean their hands properly.”

The guidance identifies 3 key moments when we might need to clean our hands:

1. Home moments:

  • As you leave your home after the last thing you touch
  • When you return home before you have touched anything
  • After touching anything you have just brought into the home, like a parcel or letter

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Hand wipes

2. Public moments:

  • Before you ender a public place (like a bus, pub or supermarket) before touching anything. Note that if you have not touched anything since you left home, and you cleaned your hands then, this gesture may be symbolic and necessary to assure others of safety
  • After touching anything in a public place (e.g. supermarket shelves, a gate, a wall)
  • After you are leaving a public place after the last thing you touch there

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Cleaning hands at Supermarket

3. Personal moments:

  • Before and any time  after you touch your face, whether a face covering/mask is worn or not
  • After any time that you take your face covering/mask off
  • Before you prepare or eat food and after you have finished eating, wherever you have eaten
  • After using the toilet
  • Before and after changing a nappy
  • After sneezing/coughing (even into a tissue)
  • After touching animals

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Hand hygiene on the go

To find out more about the psychology behind hand cleaning, read The British Psychological Society’s full report here.